Sousuke Inukawa
Name Sousuke Inukawa
Kanji 犬川荘介
Rōmaji Inukawa Sousuke
Gender Male
Age 19
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Family Aoi Inukawa (mother)
Ao (shadow)
Friends Shino Inuzuka
Professional Profile
Affiliation Church
Otsuka Village
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Japanese Satoshi Hino (TV series)
Toshiyuki Morikawa (Drama CD)

Sousuke Inukawa (介 川, In, Inkawa Sōsuke) is the owner of Duty Bead. He is one of the three survivors of Otsuka Village, along with Shino and Hamaji. You can also transform into a dog named Yoshiro, who belongs to Shino in his childhood. He treats Shino and Hamaji as family, since he has no known living relatives.


Sousuke has dark blue hair and eyes, and is considered fairly attractive, he has been commented by many times as 'handsome'. He has a peony shaped birthmark on the back of his neck, as well as a scar.

Due to the split soul with Ao, Sousuke also tends to be cold and not feel any pain. In later episodes, he is found to lose vision in one eye. These physical disabilities occurred (as in the anime) from Ao becoming stronger as the dominant half of the soul.


He has a very kind and gentle personality, and is a very hard worker.


When he was a child, Mayor Inuzuka of Otsuka, Shino’s father, found him and his mother collapsed by the road. They were taken in, but his mother died, and he lost all his memories of what happened before then. He now looks after Shino, his childhood friend.



It is shown that he can transform into a dog when necessary.


Shino InuzukaEdit

He's a brother/childhood friend and older brother figure to Shino.



Sousuke's shadow

His (shadow) which was most probably born when Shino saved his life five years ago, but at the cost of splitting Sousuke's soul in half. The shadow holds the other half of Sousuke's soul. His shadow was most likely found by a mysterious priestess that went by the name "Princess," who is probably connected to the Princess mentioned by Satomi when Shino and Sousuke went to recover their "kidnapped" childhood friend, Hamaji.  "Princess" is also probably the one who gave water to the five travelers, which resulted in their deaths. Though both Souske and his "shadow" hold Shino as the most important person in their lives, the "shadow" seems to be obsessed with Shino. Sousuke's shadow also holds many of Sousuke's childhood memories, which scares Shino in later episodes when he realizes Sousuke does not seem complete.