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Shinobu Inue
Kanji 犬江仁
Rōmaji Inue Shinobu
Gender Male
Age 22 (chronologically)
12 (physically)
Hair color Blond
Eye color Blue
Family Mother (deceased)
Kagetsu (father/deceased)
Hazuki (foster father/deceased)
Tae (grandma)
Friends Shino Inuzuka
Professional Profile
Occupation Student
Affiliation Ikura
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 21
Manga Debut Chapter 36
Japanese Tsubasa Yonaga

Shinobu Inue (犬江仁, Inue Shinobu) is half-human half-Tengu and one of the Bead Holders, possessing the Bead of Benevolence. He is a student of Elementary School to which Shino transferred.


He has blond hair and blue eyes.


He's kind-hearted and gentle, this is seen when he was worried about Akihiko if he's not around looking out for him so he sticks with him. strong character or quite optimistic, seen when he was very okay with sleeping for a long time and other things when he was talking to Shino, and even openly told him he was 22 years old.


Shinobu die

Shinobu was about to die.

His mother was about to send him off to someone to look after him instead, but due to some struggle his mother accidentally falls off the cliff while still holding his hands. It led both of them to be fatally injured, but Shinobu survived the fall with his last breathe and was saved by a Tengu, Kagetsu, who gave him half of his life. He lived his life mostly unchanged (stopped growing) on the mountains with his foster father, Kagetsu. Shinobu actually felt that he finally found where he belonged up there. Kagetsu also hid Shinobu's bead in his body. 10 years after the fall, uncle monk "saved" him and sealed his memories.

According to his grandma, Shinobu's father might be a Tengu, what she thinks due to a letter written by Shinobu's mother. Whereas this is true or not is not confirmed due to his mother being a bit mentally unstable seen by how she treated her son, but there is still a suspicion along the line, as shown that some people think Shinobu is a bit special like having understand Akihiko and feeling he belonged with Kagetsu etc.


As Shinobu learns that Ao has the vessel of Kagetsu, he tries returning half of his life back to him but fails due to interruption from Kagetsu's brother, Hazuki. After saving the forest from the fire set by Ao, he is motivated to get revenge for Hazuki so he decides to go to the capital with Shino.


He is able to make wind and fly thanks to his wings.






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