Reversed Flow
Episode 16
Episode Information
Season 2, Episode 3
Kanji 逆流
Rōmaji Gyakuryū
Air Date July 21, 2013
Blu-ray/DVD Vol.8
Opening wonder fang
Ending Souai Calendula
Staff Information
Episode 15 Episode 17

Reversed Flow (逆流, Gyakuryū) is Episode 16 of Hakkenden: Tōhō Hakken Ibun anime series, which aired on July 21, 2013.


Shino is forced to teach children how to read and write at the church, where he is shunned by most of the children. The children leave to play because Shino had never been to school either, and he is left with a little girl who asks him to read her a book. Shino realizes that she is blind and discusses it with Sousuke. As he ponders over this, Shino meets the owner of the bun shop who gives him free samples and ask for his opinion. He suggests curry and cheese buns, which the owner thinks of as a great idea. Once again at the church, Shino is left with the little girl and he reads a story about a bird to her. The owner of the bun shop comes to the church the next day and lets Shino try out the new samples, which turn into a great success. Shino learns that the little girl's name is Kaho, and writing her name on the ground, the other children become interested in writing. One boy gets annoyed and messes up the writing, and because of Shino's temper, is slapped. Shino goes back to the bun shop to ask the owner about the new recipe, but is met by his family who quickly goes to the family altar. Sousuke and Shino later learn that the owner of the shop had actually been dead for over a month already and the shop had been going bankrupt, but Shino manages to save them by mentioning the recipes which he had mysteriously helped the owner create the last few days. Meanwhile, Shino goes back to talk to the rude boy and shows that he can actually be a truly kind person, just like his name defined. Shino and Sousuke leave, and Kaho is later seen to bump into the "other" Sousuke. He smiles and pats her on the head.


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