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Noro cut
Name Noro
Kanji 野驢
Rōmaji Noro
Gender Male
Professional Profile
Affiliation Daikaku Inumura
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 14
Manga Debut Chapter 21
Japanese Megumi Han

Noro (野驢, Noro) is the pet cat of Daikaku. Noro had died earlier, but came back to protect Daikaku as a spirit. It is later revealed that Noro had also put up a spirit barrier using cherry blossom trees to keep the now tainted spirit of his adopted father from entering.


Noro cat
Noro in cat form
Noro's eye
Noro's eye


He is very protective over Daikaku. When Shino arrived at Daikaku's place, he tried to force Shino to leave.


Noro was found in the crawl space under the house. Daikaku later got permissions from his adopted father to keep the cat and gave him its name. After that the cat was constantly by his side and always maintaining a certain distance.




Noro Daikaku

Noro licks Daikaku's hand

Daikaku InumuraEdit

He is Noro's master. There's a strong bond between him and Noro, which is proven by Noro's will to sacrifiece and him willing to protect his master even when his devotions would never be rewarded and go unnoticed by his master.

It is mentioned by Daikaku that the cat was always by his side which is why he a name was was never necessary, he further mentioned to Shino with a dejected face that Noro was the only animal that ever approached him.


"Get the hell away from here!" (to Shino)




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