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Hakkenden Wiki Murasame infobox
Kanji 村雨
Rōmaji Murasame
Gender Male
Fur color Black (crow form, feathers)
Eye color Yellow (crow form)
Professional Profile
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Japanese Nobuhiko Okamoto

Murasame (村雨, Murasame) is the living sword spirit, rumored to have sway over anything regardless of shape or form. It is said that whoever possess Murasame will meet a tragic end. The spirit can transform into a crow and can communicate human language. Murasame sometimes sits on Shino's arm and likes to pick and eat food droppings, which Shino has scolded Murasame for.


Murasame is a black crow when out of Shino's arm. In Shino's arm, he is a series of lines that stretch up his arm when in contact with Murasame. When not in contact with Murasame the lines disappear. When agitated, an eye will appear in Shino's arm. Murasame has another, more vicious form that comes out when Shino's life is in grave danger: a ferociously bloodthirsty demon dog.


Very obedient of Shino, and will often try to eat Megu. Extremely fond of sweets and beef, often snatching away Shino's BBQ beef anytime he can, much to Shino's dismay. Whenever Murasame is out, he has a tendency to accidentally crash into nearby barriers and break them. Although Murasame is often somewhat clutzy, he has been shown to have a serious, and more aggressive side to him.  He is sometimes shown to be watching Shino from a distance as when Ao stole Sousuke's gem from Shino. He is also very protective of his vessel, Shino, and will do whatever it takes to keep him from harm.


Before Shino came into possession of Murasame, Rio Satomi had obtained Murasame through unknown means. Little is known about the blade; however, it is known for being a terribly strong sword, shown when Ayane's guardian snake states Shino possesses a fearful power, referring to Murasame.



Not much of a skill, however Murasame has the capabilities to destroy very strong magical barriers, as it had destroyed several barriers one of which was set up by the church.


Shino InuzukaEdit

It is unknown how Rio Satomi came into contact with this sword. However, back when Shino's home village was burning down and he lay dying on the ground, Satomi gave him a choice in order to save his life: Take Murasame or die. Murasame often takes residence in Shino's right arm and appears as red lined markings on his skin. Murasame will often obey Shino and can be very protective of him. When a man shot Shino, Murasame became enraged and took on a larger, more sinister form and killed the man.  Then, for reasons unknown, the contract Murasame and Shino made when he first acquired the blade was temporarily broken allowing Shino to appear in his true adult form for a day.





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