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Kobungo Inuta
Hakkenden Wiki Kubungo infobox
Kanji 犬田小文吾
Rōmaji Inuta Kobungo
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Red
Family Bungo Inuta (father)
Sayoko Inuta (mother)
Nui Inuta (sister/deceased)
Genpachi Inukai (foster brother)
Friends Shino Inuzuka
Sosuke Inukawa
Professional Profile
Affiliation Konaya
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 2
Manga Debut Chapter 4
Japanese Takuma Terashima (TV series)
Kazuya Nakai (Drama CD)

Kobungo Inuta (犬田小文吾, Inuta Kobungo) is the holder of the Bead of Brotherhood. He works for a bed and breakfast inn, which his family owns.


Kobungo has short and spikey tan hair, as well as slightly tanned skin. he has gold eyes and is quite tall. Kobungo can often be seen wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt under an olive-green, short-sleeved cargo shirt.


Kobungo is a very excitable person, which is shown when Genpachi says that Shino is "his type." He is also very stubborn and cares deeply for those around him, constantly trying to get Genpachi out of confinement.


He was a foot soldier who accompanied Genpachi on a mission in a Northern village, where an incident took place. He and Genpachi were attacked by man-eating demons, and now as a result he can turn into a demon himself. He has a peony mark on his lower back.



As a result of working at his family's inn, Kobungo is an exceptional cook, often preparing lunch boxes for Shino and Sousuke when they are out on errands.

Wind DemonEdit

Kobungo can change into a wind demon, Fuki.

Using wind

He is capable of creating strong winds.


Thanks to demon's powers, he instantly regenerates.

Eating demons

Kobungo as a demon can eat other demons.


Genpachi Inukai - "foster'' brother,



  • He mistakes Keno for a girl and thought he was very beautiful.
  • Once, he accidentally made a contract with a lower demon and the demon went to a killing spree due to it and it ended up with him eating the demon (he was mad at the demon tricking him into it) and had a upset stomach at the end of the day.
  • His character songs are called STILL ALIVE! and Kaze Kaminari Kouro (with Genpachi).