Kaname Osaki
Kanji 尾崎要
Rōmaji Osaki Kaname
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Family Father
Seiran (half-brother)
Friends Rio Satomi
Professional Profile
Affiliation Church
Five Foxes
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Japanese Daisuke Namikawa (TV series)
Mamoru Miyano (Drama CD)

Kaname Osaki (尾崎要, Osaki Kaname) is a member of one of four the Kemonotsuki Houses, possessed by Five Foxes.


He has dark gold hair that is swept around all over, and slanted brown eyes.



Kaname was born as a son of a concubine. At one point, he was targeted by the legal wife of the Osaki Family, but thanks to the furious Five Foxes' protection, the whole family started to treat him nicely out of the fear, as the foxes placed a curse on them.[1]

When Kaname was small, he used to have bad health. When he was taken in by the Church, he went along with Rio up to the mountains for a month for some training. He was scared and couldn't understand how Rio could sleep so deeply. He also hardly ate. Given the choice to eat rabbits or wild pigs, he ended up crying every time. He stopped being a picky eater, going into shock after being offered bugs, and since then he didn't catch cold.[2]




Rio SatomiEdit

He considers him a friend and confidant. He likes to tease him every chance he gets.


He appears to like Hamaji as more than a friend, possibly developing romantic feelings for her. He didn't disagree when the foxes said that Hamaji would be his future bride. His affection towards Hamaji also shown as he became very angry when Seiran's insect pets wounded Hamaji's face.



  • According to Kaname, his family name is usually pronounced as "Ozaki". However, as his family is of very high importance, to distinguish them from others of the same name, it is pronounced as "Osaki".
  • He stated once that he was very picky with his food, but after a training session with Rio,he began to eat almost anything.
  • His character songs are called Find Out Xhilaration, Erabareshi Mono no Tame ni (with Rio), Bokura no Riyuu (with Rio, Ayane and Nachi) and Hajimaru Kamo Shirenai (with Hamaji).


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