Encompassing Heavens
Episode 22
Episode Information
Season 2, Episode 9
Kanji 天巡
Rōmaji Tenjun
Air Date September 1, 2013
Chapter(s) 38, 39
Blu-ray/DVD Vol.11
Opening wonder fang
Ending Souai Calendula
Staff Information
Episode 21 Episode 23

Encompassing Heavens (天巡, Tenjun) is Episode 22 of Hakkenden: Tōhō Hakken Ibun anime series, which aired on September 1, 2013.


Shinobu is revealed to be the eight dog warrior. He is then taken to mountains by Hazuki, where he was raised after his disappearance by the savior of his life, Kagetsu. Meanwhile, Ao wishes to get Shinobu's bead.


After finding out that Akihiko wasn't the eight person, Sosuke intends to leave Ikura. However, Shino is worried about Shinobu, who went to sleep one week ago. After waking up, during bath, Shinobu reveals that he was spirited away and there's a peony birthmark on his left arm. Afterwards, Shinobu gets kidnapped by Hazuki and remembers what has happened to him: he died but was saved by a Tengu, Kagetsu, who is already dead because of him. Meanwhile, Ao reveals to Shino that a princess is about to wake up. He goes to Hazuki to obtain Shinobu's bead in exchange of gibing them Kagetsu back. Once he takes Shinobu to Kegatsu and forces him to give back Kagetsu's life to him, Hazuki interferes. Before Ao can kill him, Shinobu stands between them and is hurt instead.

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Shinobu confesses that when Shino transferred, he though that he was really cute girl. He adds that he thought that Shino acted really immature when he heard that he was actually 18. Shino gets angry and asks him if he picks a fight with a grin plastered on his face.