Dosetsu Inuyama
Kanji 犬山道節
Rōmaji Inuyama Dōsetsu
Gender Male
Hair color Magenta
Eye color Blue
Family Mutsuki Inuyama (sister)
Professional Profile
Affiliation Yukihime
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 8
Manga Debut Chapter 3
Japanese Shinichirō Miki (TV series)
Takashi Hikida (Drama CD)

Dosetsu Inuyama (犬山道節, Inuyama Dōsetsu) is Hamaji's long lost older brother. He is the holder of the Loyalty Bead.


Dosetsu is well-build man of magenta hair and blue eyes. He wears glasses.



Mutsuki and Dousetsu parting

Dosetsu was born with a bead in his palm. When he was younger, he and his little sister, Mutsuki, were separated. Before that, he promised her to come back and find her eventually. He was given her hair pin. During one night, he was dying in the snowstorm. Yukihime appeared before him and asked why does he want to live. He told her about his little sister and stated that he wants to live to be by her side. Yukihime granted his wish and saved his life but sacrificed her own voice for that reason.




Mutsuki Inuyama:He is Mutsuki/Hamaji's older brother.He cares a lot for her.

Yukihime:The snow spirit that saved Dosetsu from death at the cost of her voice and always accompanies him making everywhere around him cold, even during summer.


  • "I have a little sister. We were separated when we were younger, but she's still my only sister. «I'll definitely come get you». That's what I promised... But I was never able to fulfill it. So... I have to live... To be by her side." (to Yukihime)[1]


  • Dosetsu's unusual hair color is due to him being from the family of physicians. It was customary for them to begin developing an immunity to various drugs starting at an early age and their Magenta hair is the result of it.
  • His and Shino's reason to live was for Hamaji's sake. They both wanted to be there for her.


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