Demonic Human
Episode 2
Episode Information
Season 1, Episode 2
Kanji 人鬼
Rōmaji Jinki
Air Date January 12, 2013
Chapter(s) 3, 4, 5
Blu-ray/DVD Vol.1
Opening God FATE
Ending String of pain
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Demonic Human (人鬼, Jinki) is Episode 2 of Hakkenden: Tōhō Hakken Ibun anime series, which aired on January 12, 2013.


Hamaji is giving a hard time to her kidnapper, the 5 Kitsune and the master, Osaki Kaname. Shino and Sosuke travel to the city to find Hamaji. Satomi Rio, one of the four beast clans, drops them at an inn telling them that they'll meet Hamaji the next day. Shino goes around the city with Murasame, where he hears a rumor of a demon which eats spirits. He meets a man named Kobungo fighting with some priests and their head Seiran, while searching for someone named "Genpachi". Seiran claims that Genpachi is a demon and not a "person" and that he cannot be freed, since he believes that the demon may begin to eat humans after its done with spirits. Kobungo treats Shino to lunch after which Shino is picked up Murasame and Sousuke (in a dog form). Back in the inn, Sousuke leaves for a walk when Satomi arrives with his spirit beast. Rio comments that while Shino remembers him from 5 years ago, Sousuke doesn't seem to. Also, Rio is surprised that Shino hasn't aged because of Murasame. The sword of Murasame is a mystery, about which no one has much knowledge of, if it's good or bad, since Murasame has the power to "tear through all magic, make all spirits cower and subdue everything formless on earth". Rio states that Shino's stunted growth is a result of hosting such power in him which will consume him in the end with a horrible death. Meanwhile, Kobungo is still worrying about Genpachi is kept prisoner and he remembers that he and Genpachi were survivors from the Northern front lines. Shino and Sousuke arrive at the mansion where Hamaji is kept. Satomi also lives there and they all stay there for a while. While touring the city, Sousuke asks Shino how he knows Satomi, but Shino somehow avoids the question. A demon insect, which is a minion of Seiran, is seen to be keeping watch on Shino. Seiran visits Genpachi, who is kept chained and imprisoned and starved. Seiran attacks Genpachi with his insect demon minions as he refuses to turn into a monster on his demand, but instead mocks him that he should cool down about his little brother taking his birthright.


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Kaname asks Hamaji what is causing this strange smell and fumes. She explains that it's herbal tea effective against the flu and begins to name its ingredients. Kaname stops her, mentioning that all of them are poisons, but Hamaji responds that there is a saying, fight poison with poison.