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Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue (right); Gold (left)
Family Sosuke Inukawa (the second half)
Professional Profile
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 6 (flashback)
Episode 10 (debut)
Manga Debut Chapter 10 (flashback)
Chapter 14 (debut)
Japanese Satoshi Hino

Ao (蒼, Ao) is the other half of Sosuke Inukawa's soul, his shadow. He is accompanied by kamaitachi named Kon. He is jealous of Sosuke because Shino Inuzuka sides with him


Like Sousuke, Ao has a dark blue hair. He also has two differently colored eyes, with one being blue and the other one gold, which used to belong to Kohaku. Later on, he gets Sousuke's left eye.


Ao is quite possessive, cruel, and deceiving. He will kill others in order to achieve his goals and to take things that, as he claims, once belonged to him. One such thing that he vows to retrieve is Shino Inuzuka. Even though he is conniving and merciless, he shows that he still cares for Shino, rushing to his aid when he is wounded in the battle against Tamazusa.


Ao has stolen Keno Inusaka's heart and stolen Sousuke's bead from Shino in trying to complete his body. He obtains the deity, Yana, in the form of a green tribal marking in his left arm.


Ao steals one of Kohaku's gold eye in exchange of making her life longer, even if for one week, by making her a demon. In order to get power, and to be able to live alongside Shino Inuzuka, who is possessed by the powerful Murasame, he kills the local god Yana. Because Shino asks him “sweetly”, he is now possessed by Yana, who lost its place to stay.



Shino InuzukaEdit

While Ao seems to care for Shino very much, Shino rather dislikes him. He will do anything that benefits Shino. Tamazusa asked him to hand over Shino to her but Ao refused and fought with Hazuki who is a vessel that is control by Tamazusa. He also said that he took Kohaku's eye because Shino seemed to like them.