Akihiko Narimura
Kanji 成村章彦
Rōmaji Narimura Akihiko
Gender Male
Age Deceased
Family Mother
Kayako(Elder Sister)
Professional Profile
Occupation Student
Affiliation Ikura
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 21
Manga Debut Chapter 36
Japanese Yuki Kaida

Akihiko Narimura (成村章彦, Narimura Akihiko) was a boy who wanted to pick up bellflowers for his sick mother.




Akihiko's death

Akihiko's body in the field of bellflowers

Akihiko lived with his family; his father and his mother. But one day, his mother became very sick. She moved out from the house and was admitted to a hospital. Akihiko and his father started living alone. Akihiko, wanting to help his mother, went to the mountain and tried to pick bellflowers for her. However, he fell from the mountain and died in the field of bellflowers. After he died, the bellflowers gave Akihiko half-life for his desire, which was that he wanted to give bellflowers to his mother and meet her for the last time.

Akihiko was back to the house again with pure white hair (He first had slightly brown hair).


Shino and Akihiko

Shino saw the vines are trying to get Akihiko

Akihiko 1

Akihiko was protected when he was about to fall from the stairs

Akihiko is first seen sitting alone in the classroom. He doesn't eat anything except for water and doesn't talk much either with his friends at school or his father. His only friend is Shinobu. Shino transfers to the same Elementary School as Akihiko.The vines try to protect or cover Akihiko when he is in the danger and try to get him back (which they call Akihiko flower).

Later, his mother came back home and saw Akihiko with white hair.Unknown to his father, Akihiko's mother is already aware that Akihiko has died. After Akihiko met his mother and gave bellflowers to her, his wish is fullfilled. Thus, his physical body is no more and he is able to be at rest.



Akihiko and Shinobu

Shinobu walks Akihiko back home

Shinobu InueEdit

He was Akihiko's best friend.

His MotherEdit

Akihiko loved his mother dearly but hated her coughing. He wanted her to get better by picking bellflowers for her.



  • In the anime adaptation, Akihiko's surname was pronounced as なるむら (Narumura), instead of なりむら (Narimura), like in the manga.